At least ten things you didn’t know about Yvonne Smith

Hi there! I’m Yvonne Smith and thanks for visiting my blog. My Mother was born in Chicago, Illinois and my Father was born  in Wichita Falls, Texas.  A couple years after my parents met in

Yvonne Smith
Yvonne Smith

Chicago, I was born there in August of 1966. We moved to Texas when I was 5 years old and my brother was born soon after.  We lived in a couple other places near Dallas for a few years; Garland and Richardson before eventually moving to Houston in the Summer of 1974. As a kid, I peddled lemonade, homemade potholders, and even hamsters – a natural born entrepreneur!

I attended High School in Conroe, Texas. I studied Latin and Spanish for 2 years. I chose Latin because I planned on attending Law School and becoming an attorney; Spanish because it was a fun language and I felt it would be quite useful, especially here in Texas. I took classes in theater, extemporaneous speaking, and Government – propelled by the expressive/demonstrative side of me – the little fish had found a way to stand out and this trend continued to serve as the basis for the person I am today.  I didn’t take the path of Law School – instead I became a personal shopper for Macy’s in Houston at The Galleria where I developed a book of business consisting of almost 1,000 clients; I knew then I wanted to be in the “many people” business.

After fashion, came an administrative assistant at an Engineering Company for Oil and Gas Refineries in the late 80’s and early 90’s; this was Boom time for Houston – and I knew who shot JR before anyone else did (just kidding!) LOL. I assisted 5 buyers in the Procurement department and excelled with communication but discovered I wasn’t cut out for the corporate world.  It truly was the same daily grind every day; same place, same desk, same décor, same people; the only difference being the phone calls I made to vendors to pick up their bid packages. Once again, this proved I was more entrepreneurial.

Lee Lebrada
Lee Lebrada

In the early 90’s my life was pretty much a blur, I left the corporate world, got married, became a Mom, went back to school, and applied to the respiratory therapy program. I ran at Memorial Park and hung out at the gym in my downtime. I met Lourdes Labrada in one of my classes, the sister of Mr. Olympia Lee Labrada. She created a customized menu for me with the proper amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. I got really fit!


As a student and Mother of a toddler, we went to Gymboree, the child development play program – the perfect class for both of us!

I loved this program so much that I got the opportunity to learn and teach the Saturday classes. After my first student year, Mother/Daughter playtime, and earning a little extra money having fun, I finished the Respiratory Therapy program and at 3 months’ pregnant with my 2nd child, my husband filed for divorce.

An internship at the Texas Heart Institute’s Cardiovascular Research Center followed with the opportunity to work on the Jarvik total artificial heart pump, surgically implanted in Bovine Calf’s. Absorbing this knowledge and education fascinated me. Next, I worked at Memorial Herman NW Hospital in the Cardio Pulmonary department which included nuclear medicine and being a part of the code team.

As a single Mom with two young daughters, it was heart-wrenching to see another Mother loose her child in the Emergency Room, not to mention all the other emergency situations that are encountered in one single shift.

Sometimes I would go an entire day without eating because we were that busy. Truth is, I didn’t make enough money to provide for myself and my daughters.  My health was suffering, my daughters were practically being raised by other people that I paid to look after them, and my “stay-cation’s” consisted of me catching up on my sleep.

I moved back to Conroe when my daughters were 5 and 3 to be closer to my parents and so my daughters would attend a better school. I  worked for a group of cardiologists.   I still wasn’t earning enough money and never got time to spend quality moments with my daughters because as always, I was working or exhausted. It was apparent something had to shift! I made a career change.

I became a senior sales consultant selling new homes.  I found independence and mastered the art of negotiating a win-win deal. Best of all, I was providing a better quality of life for my daughters and I was happy.  I earned a huge industry award that year as a senior consultant and decided to take my daughters to Disney World in  Florida on the best vacation ever!

I remained a single mom for 8 years until I met my current husband. We purchased a home together when real estate was very lucrative during this time, and the mortgage industry was booming. It wasn’t long  before banks started freezing any mortgage funding and I lost my job. I had the good fortune of finding Dale Carnegie’s Training – they were looking for executives to service  corporate accounts and sell corporate in-house packages. I took my personal growth to the next level!

This is my first blog introducing my new blog site Live Well with Yvonne and my website at Yvonne Smith

I feel everything we do in life is a learning process and for growth. My life was basically in constant survival mode for 8 years as a single Mom and even beyond; it gave me the skills and strength to persevere. Looking back,  I had patience and understanding that every chapter had a lesson; so grateful for all my experiences.

As a professional, it takes courage, trusting and believing in yourself; but most of all embracing the process of building something. You see, I believe most people abandon the process of building something because it involves all the emotions, and sometimes people just don’t want the growing pains. Processes and professionalism brings me back to what I love the most – people.

I plan to share my knowledge and my experiences through stories with you, and I hope you share yours too.  So here I am, a brand-new blogger!

We hear “Eat clean and exercise daily” but do we hear  “This is what happens to your body after 40”, and “…this is why you need to do XYZ”.  I wish to empower people to live healthier lives, to share my knowledge by educating and informing people about the healthiest choices available to optimize their health. THIS is what I want to do for you and I’m glad you’ve found me.

So, if you’re over 40, avoid weight problem’s, conquer obesity, get your auto-immune under control, avoid cardiac issues altogether like heart failure or stroke, keep your lungs healthy, keep your body free of toxins or at least learn how to mop up the mess. How about turning the clock back, AKA feel like a spring chicken again? You’re in for a ride!

I hope my blog becomes your go to spot for education, information, and stories about people who overcame the above and how they did it. I honestly feel we’re not here to keep knowledge to ourselves; instead we’re here to commune in a way that will enhance and fulfill each other’s lives. THIS is what I want for you and I’m glad you’ve subscribed, had someone share my blog with you, or even stumbled upon something I’ve written. It may very well be because it’s a message just for you.

Each time you come to my site you will find information that is just what you needed; in an easy to understand format that is geared not to replace any medical advice you’ve been given, but to enhance and enlighten your daily, monthly and even yearly regimen of wellness. You’ll see me post mostly on Monday morning’s around 10:00 CST and sometimes mid-week with an inspiring story. My future blogs will be about certain health products that can be bad for you and product’s that are imperative for better health or used to accomplish healing.

Some of the blog post’s you might read here will be about:

  • Our emotional health is a result of our physical health
  • How to track your health consistently; don’t wait till there’s an issue
  • Don’t band-aid a problem; fix it before it spiral’s out of control
  • Your body is like a computer and you can program it

Again, I’ll be writing to men and woman over 40 who are battling slow weight loss, obesity, diabetes, heart issues, pulmonary issues, juggling a hectic schedule, want to take it to the athletic level, don’t want to do it alone, or even have suffered from something – and  physically, emotionally, or even financially paid a price and want to recover.

So, if you’re a parent, grandparent, have a mostly sedentary career, or even if you’re a weekend warrior, I’m writing for you. I’m also looking to collaborate with nutritionists, trainers, doctors, and other health related individuals who would be interested in forming an alliance with me.

I empathize with your stories and will value you as my reader. Even with my previous medical background, it’s what I’ve learned since 2005, that I realize my Father’s quadruple by-pass, his death from esophageal cancer, my Mother’s stroke, her undiagnosed dementia, my hysterectomy, and auto-immune (Hashimoto’s) could have all been prevented.

I hope to transform you to a better place in your life from my blogs because knowledge can make a huge difference. Here is what I want to accomplish with some of my blog posts:

Create loyal readers and customers

  • Educate and motivate healthy living
  • To personally mentor the next phase in your health
  • Create new life time habits
  • To solve problems and challenges with food and fitness
  • Help you overcome disease
  • Partnerships for Food, Fun, and Fitness
  • Opportunities to present at workshops and Trade shows  for Food, Fun, and Fitness
  • Alliance partners in the health, fitness and medical industries

Because I value transparency, I want to be transparent with you… my blog will forever be evolving and it’s because of you, my readers and future partners; I’m totally excited about sharing and working with you! 3-6 months from now I hope we have met in person, on the phone, or even here in my blog (through your comments). I hope to inspire you to take your health and fitness to the next level, and have fun doing it!

I encourage you to get involved, participate, and recommend my future blog posts. I would love to hear about you. Do you have a story to share about you or someone you know overcoming something that interfered with the state of health? What have you learned to maintain your healthy status? What do you recommend I include in my future blogs? Let me hear your thought’s in the comments below. LIKE this blog post and don’t forget to SHARE.

Sharing is Caring

Today, try write a short story or experience that you or someone you know went through or are currently going through, and if you have already posted it online somewhere, why don’t you just share the link in the comments section.

Yvonne Smith

Yvonne Smith is a blogger and entrepreneur. She’s a Food, Fun, Fitness Mentor and you can follow her on Facebook at Live Well with Yvonne.

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Sharing is Caring